Consumer & Industrial Products

role is acting mainly as Buying / Selling Brokers on behalf of a selective Buyers & Sellers in the field of Consumer & Industrial Products around the world to facilitate rapid, accurate and efficient sales transactions.


  1.  Buyer submits either one of the following:
    1. Bank endorsed Letter of Intent (LOI).
    2. Letter of Intent (LOI) + Bank Comfort Letter (BCL).
    3. Bank endorsed Irrevocable Purchase Order
  2.  We will forward to the buyer an (FCO) and/or a Proforma Invoice.
  3.  Buyer returns approved copy of the (FCO) /the Proforma Invoice duly signed and sealed.
  4.  Buyer Bank issues relevant operative fully funded Stand-by Letter of Credit confirmed by a Prime World Bank and read as Irrevocable,        Transferable, Divisible, and payable 100% at sight upon presentation of shipping documents at Seller’s Bank counter. The L/C must be valid for 75 days.
  5.  Product to be delivered according to the delivery period mentioned in the Full Corporate Offer (FCO) and/or the Proforma Invoice.
  6.  No Sale s Contract to be signed by both parties of the deal whereas The content of the signed (FCO) and/or the Proforma Invoice represent and    replace all  clauses of the Sales Contract.


  1. “Clean on Board” Ocean Bill Of Lading (B/L) marked “freight prepaid” (3) three originals and (3) three copies.
  2. Commercial Invoice for total value of the shipment, (1) one original and (3) three copies.
  3. Packing List, (1) one original and (3) three copies.
  4. Certificate of Origin, (1) one original and (3) three copies.
  5. Inspection Certificate issued by the inspection company in loading port for quality, quantity and proper packing, (1) one original and (3) three copies.




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