U.S. Grain Basic Requirements

Buyers intend to purchase US wheat or grain and in order to give consideration for their inquiries, buyers have to fulfill the following basic requirements:

  • A prime financial reference, preferably a major US or Western bank. Please include the name and phone number of the financial officer to whom the exporter should direct questions.

  • Statement from the buying principal that your contact in USA (LTTCO ) is the sole and exclusive agent of the business.

  • Statement from the buying principal that the exporter will not be held liable for brokerages, finders fees, commissions, etc...

  • Statement of destination of cargo.

  • Full details of the inquiry, including, but not limited to the following (Letter of Intent - LOI):

    1. Commodity type

    2. Quality: such as dockage level (max), test weight, moisture, fumigation (if required), failing number minimum, protein, sprout damage, other.

    3. Quantity: including tolerance

    4. Shipment period

    5. Price: stated bid for the commodity

    6. Delivery basis: (FOB / FOB S&T / FOB ST SF), to suit self trimming bulk carrier

    7. Vessel size

    8. Vessel load guarantee

    9. Vessel demurrage / dispatch rate as per charter party but indicate maximum

    10. Loading range port or ports

    11. Number of allowable berths

    12. Phytosanitary certificate requirements

    13. Mycotoxin requirements

    14. Proposed method of payment. Attach a copy of the letter of credit, if that is proposed payment method.

    15. Contract terms to govern; i.e. North America Export Grain Association (NAEGA), GAFTA, etc..

  • A brief company history, including the names and addresses of officers.

  • Grain Exporters may require additional information prior to doing business.



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